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Betway Brings Mobile Betting to South Africa:

South African sports fans have more reasons to rejoice now than ever! Betway Sports has hit the mainland and bringing a change in how the country used to bet on their sporting events.  

Now with everything going mobile, it was just a matter of time till sports betting followed the same route; and why not! It is so easy to use your mobile and make a few taps on the screen- and before you know you have placed your bet.  

Betway has brought mobile betting capabilities to South Africa and now many parts of the country can get a taste of sports entertainment. Fans can not only make bets, but also access the latest news, current scores and updated fixtures right from their mobiles.  

How to Use Betway Mobile Betting

You can use two ways to bet on different sports like tennis, football, cricket, horseracing, volleyball, basketball, T20 matches, PSL matches, hockey- the list is endless!  

The first option is the Betway Sports website for South Africa where you can log in from your mobile or tablet. You can carry out the whole betting using your browser.  

Another convenient way is to download the Betway Sports app on your device. It is also better because you don’t need the extra steps of logging in using the website. You can just access your app and take part in the excitement. 

How do you start?  

Betway, South Africa's premier sports book, has made it easy for you to bet on your favorite sports in no time. It doesn't matter whether you want to bet on cricket or you want to put your money on soccer, you can do it all in a few simple clicks.  

After you download or visit the website, you have to enter your personal details to create a profile. Then you will need to make your first deposit so that you can have a betting amount. You can use any accepted payment processes like net banking, credit or debit cards or online wallets. Betway will match your first deposit with a bonus as a special welcome gift just for you.  

How do you place your bets?  

Now comes the fun part of placing your bets. You can choose from both local and international sports events and even bet on live games. Live updates and scores will help you keep abreast of the game even if you are not present on the field. You can also use the betting slips to monitor your open bets and wagered amounts.  

When you turn lucky and win a prize, the cash is deposited in your linked bank account or you can withdraw it using your preferred method. You don’t need to worry about anything as all transactions are protected with strong encryption just like banks and financial institutions.

Betwayhas really made it simple for everyone to enjoy sports gambling in a safe environment. Both the website and the app are user-friendly so you don’t need to spend time working things out. The clear and simple interface enables you to bet with ease avoiding any bookie or queues.

What level of sophistication do you bring to your online gambling activity? Trust me, this is not an inquiry which will be well served by any level of self deception. While we would all like to think that we are shrewd, savvy and impervious to any kind of thoughtless moves when operating in an online casino, the truth of the matter is that only a small percentage of the online gaming population really knows what they’re doing.

This is not meant as a harsh criticism, because many online casino enthusiasts are more than happy to log on, spend a few dollars and in exchange get some enjoyment playing in their favorite games of chance. However, you are not one of these people. You are absolutely determined to win, rather than simply entertain yourself. So, I ask you again, “How sophisticated are you in this pursuit?” In particular, do you truly understand the ways in which the house edge impacts your chances for winning, as opposed to a typical casino bonus?

Definitions Are Handy

Let’s define each term before looking at their rather complex relationship. A casino bonus is any type of offer extended to you from the house, which either credits your account or provides you access to some special perk as a way of rewarding your patronage. The house edge is an “expected profit” on every bet you make. This means that the casino can realistically expect to rake in a certain amount per player, per bet. The house edge varies depending on which game you are playing, but it all comes down to the same thing. Online casinos generally hold a lesser house edge than brick-and-mortar varieties.

What to Play?

There are some very basic ways to bring down the house edge so that it is endurable. One of these is to play only skill games that come with a lower built in-house edge, such as craps, roulette and particulate blackjack. By playing luck games (e.g. slots, Keno, etc.), you will automatically be dealing with a much higher house edge. Beyond game selection, taking a discerning eye towards with kind of software you’re using can also have a dramatic impact on what kind of edge you face. Playtech software is famous for a offering low house edge when it comes to craps, because you are allowed to take 3 times odds on the pass and come bets, in addition to the don't pass and don't come bets. Craps games from Microgaming, in comparison, do not allow you to bet more than your original wager when buying or laying the odds.

Double Your Chip Stack

Standing in contrast to the house edge is the casino bonus you may happen to be offered. Essentially, this is a way of building up your bankroll in an immediate fashion, allowing you the freedom to gamble in a more aggressive style than you would otherwise have at your disposal. Many reputable online casinos allow you to double your chip stack instantly via a sign-up bonus (so, by making a $300 initial deposit, you actually enter your first game with $600 backing you up). Looking at these two aspects of online gaming, which of them is more likely to yield sustained winning for you? The answer to this question is both. Only by understanding both the house edge to and the casino bonus, and how to handle them intelligently, are you able to truly elevate your performance over the long term.

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Betway brings mobile betting to South Africa
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