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Online Craps is usually played on a virtual table. On the table’s surface is printed a complicated-looking pattern. The game is played with a pair of Dice, which are thrown by the ‘Shooter’, a player who is currently holding the dice. Other players may join in and place their own bets. The game of Online Craps can be as simple or as complicated as you wish to make it. There are quite a number of bets to choose from. In the simplest form of the game, you place a bet on the Pass Line and attempt to Roll a Seven.

Placing a Bet in Online Craps

Before you can play a game of Craps you must first place your Bets. You can place your bet by left-clicking on any of the areas on the table felt marked as a betting area. To remove a bet from the table, right-click on the stack of chips. For more information on the bets available and the Odds they pay, please read the topic Types of Bets. Your wager will only be subtracted from your credits when you click roll. At the end of the roll, your winnings and any other bets are added back to your credits, unless that bet is a Point Bet. For more information on what a Point Bet is, please read Types of Bets.

Online Craps Features

The Roll Button will start a game of Craps by rolling the dice.
The Roll button will only work if there is a bet on the table.

The Table Felt is divided up according to the pattern of a traditional Craps Table. It is strongly suggested that you read up about the kinds of bets available in the Types of Bets section. To place a wager on any of these bet types, simply left click on the table to Increase the size of your bet, and right click to Decrease. The Chip Size Menu allows you to adjust the size of the increments of your wager. By clicking on a pile of chips you increase its bet by the denomination of the current chip, until there are 10 chips, the pile will then change its denomination to the next highest chip size.

You may also right click on a pile of chips to decrease its amount. The Undo, Redo, Clear and Repeat buttons are provided to allow you to rapidly change the bets on the table. The Undo Button removes all changes made to the table since the last bet. The Redo Button reverses the effect of the Undo. The Clear Button removes all chips that are not on established points. The Repeat Button replicates the table's state before the previous bet as closely as is possible, given that new points have been established and some betting fields become unavailable.

Playing the Game

Playing Online Craps can be as simple or as complicated as you choose to make it. There are an extensive array of betting options available but you only need to understand a few of them to play the game, have fun and win. Online Craps is a game of Dice. You are betting on which numbers the next roll of the Dice will produce (or won't produce). In its simplest form, You (the shooter) will place a bet on the Pass line (or on the Don't Pass Line) and try to roll a Seven or an Eleven. If you succeed the bet will pay even money and you can make another bet.

This First Roll is called the 'Come Out' Roll. Should you fail to Roll a Seven or Eleven, then a 'Point' is established on the number of the value of the Dice rolled. Once a point is established your object is to roll the same number again before the next Seven is rolled. If a Seven is rolled, you lose your bet. Once a point has been established, you can not remove your bet from the table. While trying to make the point, you can add extra bets to the table. These are described in the Types of Bets section.

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How to Play Craps Online

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